The ICY.MONEY project has unfortunately ended as of April 22, 2022. Staked users have received a refund as decided by discord vote.

Next Generation

Making safe and optimized DeFi investments accessible to all.


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Why Icy Money?

ICY provides sustainable sources of Passive Income accessible to anyone.

Staking Ethereum Reflections
ICY stakers are distributed 5% of the hourly volume every hour in Ethereum ($wETH.e). Earn passive income while holding an appreciating token from treasury buybacks. Just stake ICY to earn Ethereum.
Optimized Treasury Investment
ICY's treasury automatically performs delta neutral yield farming, UST degenbox, and hyperbonding to generate consistent profits in any Crypto market. Profits are used to buyback ICY and increase liquidity.

To learn more about these features, read our docs .

How It Works

$ICY includes a tax on each transaction (buys, sells, and transfers).
ETH Reflections - 5%

10% Ethereum tax on each buy, sell, or transfer of ICY. Ethereum reflections are proportionally distributed to its holders.

Treasury Investment - 5%

5% tax on each buy, sell, transfer of ICY. Used to fund automated Treasury investments. 20% of this tax is set aside for buybacks.

Our Team

KYC verified by AssureDeFi.

Our team has 10+ years of experience as developers, and have years of experience in running 7-figure social media businesses with over 200M outreach.

Lead: Veni Twitter


Our announced plans for the near future.
Stage 1: December 18, 2021

At launch, ICY’s tokenomics feature a transaction tax that will be distributed to these purposes:

  • ETH reflections: 14%
  • Treasury: 0%
  • Liquidity Pooling: 2%
  • Marketing/Dev: 5%

During Stage 1, ICY does not have a treasury and doesn't perform automated Hyperbonding.

Stage 2: January 5, 2022

After 1-2 weeks of launching, we will implement three new features to ICY's tokenomics:

  • Treasury-Backed Insurance
  • Passive Ethereum Reflections
  • Hyperbonding Treasury Investment

Our goal is to make building Passive Income simple and accessible to anyone.

We hope to become a sustainable and consistent source of Passive Income.


We have plans of developing and improving upon our investment strategies, invest in speculative assets, and build partnerships with other projects. We will also look into adding NFT utility to ICY.

The full details of our future plans are not finalized. Roadmap is subject to change.