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My "Claimable" rewards disappeared after buying/selling ICY?

When you buy or sell ICY, the leftover gas from the swap will be used to automatically claim your Claimable rewards.

Can't buy or sell ICY on TraderJoe?

Read the "How to Buy/Sell ICY" page on our documentation for specific instructions on buying or selling ICY. You can easily access it by click on the "Buy/Sell ICY" button at the top right of this webpage.

What does "Newcomer vAPR" represent?

The "Newcomer vAPR" figure represents an estimated ETH reflection APR if you bought in right now, and assumes Daily Volume and ICY Circulating Supply stayed the same for 365 days.

How do I calcuate my own vAPR?

Calculate the average price you paid when you bought ICY. The formula is: net $ invested into ICY / current ICY balance. If you took profits, subtract the usd profits from how much total $ you invested into ICY; you want the net $ invested. The vAPR assumes specified Daily Volume and current ICY Circulating Supply stayed the same for 365 days.

What does "vAPR" stand for?

vAPR stands for “Variable Annual Percentage Rate”: it is the interest you’d earn on your deposits for a whole year, and it’s variable because it depends on today’s trading volume, your initial ICY entry price, and the current ICY circulating supply.