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Stake your ICY into the Ethereum Rewards reflection pool to earn Ethereum rewards. Only stakers will recieve ETH rewards (holders must stake to earn).

First press "Approve ICY" button and submit the approve transaction. Then, press "Stake ICY" button to stake your ICY into the Ethereum Rewards pool. You only need to approve ICY once.

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What is the Immediate Unstake Penalty?

The Ethereum Rewards staking pool allows stakers to unstake their ICY and there is a 16 day unstake period. We offer an "Immediate Unstake" option that allows stakers to immediate exit their staking position and pay a penalty. This penalty linearly decreases based on the number of days one spends in the Unstake Period. On the first day of the Unstake Period, there is a 60% Immediate Unstake Penalty. On the 16th day, there is 0% Immediate Unstake Penalty.

What does "Compound ICY" mean?

The "Compound ICY" button allows you to exchange your ETH rewards for more staked ICY. You will not pay any taxes on the new ICY, and it will be staked for you.

What are the ICY staking reward rates?

ICY stakers who are staked for longer periods of time will receive a higher reward rate. If you stake between 0-30 days, you are earning at a 1x reward rate. If you stake between 30-45 days, you have a 1.1x reward rate. Between 45-60 days, you have a 1.2x reward rate. Betwen 60-90 days, you have a 1.3x reward rate. Between 90-180 days, you have a 1.5x reward rate. Between 180-365 days, you have a 1.7 reward rate. After 365 days of staking, you have a 2.0x reward rate.

How to claim your old ETH rewards?

If you have unclaimed ETH rewards from V1, you can claim them on the old claim page (click).

Can't buy or sell ICY on TraderJoe?

Read the "How to Buy/Sell ICY" page on our documentation for specific instructions on buying or selling ICY. You can easily access it by click on the "Buy/Sell ICY" button at the top right of this webpage.